Philosophy of Education

This is a summary of a philosophy of education that is truly Baptist.  Some aspects may seem similar to a “Christian” philosophy, but this one was started from scratch basing it first and foremost on the Word of God.  It is not just a general statement, but specifically written and designed to help preserve true Baptist doctrine.

1.  The authority of education belongs to the father.

The father is the one to whom God has given the authority for teaching and training his children.  By example in Scripture, the father may delegate some responsibility as he sees fit to help train his children.  He is not to forfeit his responsibility, nor is it to be taken from him, but he is to remain involved in the process.

The local church through a Christian school can be a great help in regards to education.  The church is not to force its school upon any family, but helps provide a safe, Christ-honoring place to learn.  Being a ministry of the church, the church does have the right and responsibility to set rules and procedures for the school in accordance with the church’s doctrinal stance, but should also work with the family to establish rules that are also fair and reasonable.  The church must not exercise power over the father, but must work together with him.

2.  The Bible must be the final authority in all matters.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and He has promised to preserve it through all generations.  The preserved Word of God for the English-speaking people is the King James Bible; all other versions have been corrupted.  The Bible has everything that we need for life, and it is the final authority in all areas, including education.  While there is authority given in different areas by God, the Word of God stands supreme above all of them.

3.  Jesus Christ must have the preeminence in everything.

Jesus Christ, God the Son, created the world and everything in it, and He is the Preserver of all things as well.  He left His Heavenly home to die on the cross, be buried in a borrowed tomb, and rise from the grave for the sin of the world.  He waits now in Heaven to return to this earth: first for His saints, then to rule and reign as the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  He is deserving of all glory, honor, and praise, and He must have the preeminence in everything we do.

4.  We must follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was given as the Comforter, as the Earnest of our salvation, as our Teacher, and as our Guide.  He always agrees with Scripture and will lead us according to God’s Word and God’s will.  As we approach every situation of every day, we must seek His guidance.  Without following His leadership, we make wrong choices and make things worse and more difficult.

5.  Baptist distinctives, doctrine, and history must be thoroughly taught at all levels.

We, as Baptists, need to thoroughly teach where we come from, how we are different from other groups, and why we believe what we believe.  A solid understanding of these things will help produce a greater zeal for the things of God.

6.  The training must be practical and relevant for the student to learn.

Each student is individually unique, with their different strengths, weaknesses, backgrounds, environments, and learning styles.  Each thing that is taught must be based upon or related to some previously learned concept for it to be effective.  One lesson must be mastered before new concepts are developed, and then there should be thorough review to ensure retention.

7.  The teacher must take his responsibility of teaching seriously.

The teacher is entrusted with the training, at least to some degree, of another person, and this responsibility is paralleled with accountability.  He is ultimately accountable to God, but also accountable to the father in the case of a school.  They are to be prepared spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically to teach.  There are some that have been given a special gift to teach by God, and they ought not neglect that gift nor abuse it.  The teacher must do his absolute best to teach everything properly – “decently and in order.”

8.  Great attention must be given to the spiritual needs of each student.

The most important need that everyone has is to receive the gift of salvation.  This must be given first priority for every student, parent, and teacher.  The Word of God must be taught thoroughly, studied, and memorized.  The student must be shown, both by example and explanation, how to practically apply God’s Word to his life.  He must also be prayed for, prayed with, and shown how to find and do God’s will for his life.  He must also be taught godly character.

9.  The academic studies must remain properly balanced.

The academics usually receive the most time and attention in school, but it must be kept in proper balance.  The primary academic subjects (in order of importance) are English (grammar, composition, reading, and speech/communication), History/Geography, Mathematics, and Science.  Other academic subjects may be added, but have less importance than these primary subjects, and should be added to supplement and enrich the student’s life.

10. The student must be taught proper social and civic interaction.

The student should be taught how to properly interact in others.  Common courtesy and respect for others (their person, property, opinions, etc.) should be demonstrated and taught.  He must also be taught about their civic duties, the Biblical role of government, the three branches of government, and the checks and balances that are in place.  Current events and leaders should also be taught and shown how they affect the student.


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